A small guide for you with the British Shorthair...

A small guide with some practical advice and input on a bit of everything.

Here I have collected some different things that have been nice for me to know - both generally about cats, kittens and breeding, and more specifically about selected topics.

Development of the kitten

As a breeder, it is important that you know how kittens develop, so that you can ensure that the kittens have the opportunity to develop optimally - both physically and mentally.
Here you will get an overview of kittens' development in the first 12 - 14 weeks after birth.

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Feed and feeding

Cat food is divided into 3 types of food - dry food - wet food - raw. Since the cat is an obligate carnivore - a predator, it can only metabolize animal proteins, and not carbohydrates from berries, herbs or grains.

Feed and feeding

Sleeping space and activities

A 16-week-old kitten still sleeps a lot, and you have to respect its sleep and leave it alone when it sleeps/rests.

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Cat toilet and hygiene

A cat toilet and gravel are, in addition to food and water, the most important things you need to care for your cat.

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Good treats

There are three types of treats for cats:
Natural (day-old chicks/feeding mice) - they can play and "hunt" with them before they are eaten. Hard treats can be put in activity balls...

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