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In the following, I try to keep visitors updated on news etc. from my little cattery.

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DK Catdeluxe Bora Bora - colloquially called Stella - gave birth on April 10 to 7 shapely and large kittens. 1 blue female and 1 black female came. They are both reserved by a registered breeder.
And 5 boys, 2 black and 3 blue boys. they are reserved 2 and 2 blue/black and a blue boy for a family that already has Brits. Good match with Stella and DK Goldenbears Gabrial.

DK Catsbylove Rosa 3 blue kittens -  Barak, Winston James and Vera - also after DK Goldenbears Gabrial has moved from home, and things are going so well in their new home. Shlomi got a brother in Barak and Vincent got a sister in Vera. James still lives on his own, but I hope he gets a sibling at some point.
Rosa is now chipped with suprelorin and pauses until it "burns" out.
Goldenbears Divia has had the suprelorin chip removed and has had her first race.
I expect her to be mated during late spring. We are awaiting HCM and HD tests on the male cat.

I prioritize that there is already a cat in the home or that you get 2 littermates.
That is why there is always a 1000 DKK discount on kitten no. 2 and subsequent kittens from my cattery.

If you want a waiting list for a kitten, write an email or text to 21284246

- write a little about your wishes and what you can offer a cat.

If at a later date you no longer wish to be on the waiting list, I would be grateful to be notified. SMS is fine.

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