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In the following, I try to keep visitors updated on news etc. from my little cattery.

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Divia has been mated with Rangi Cat's Avenue - a lovely fluffy lilac import. Blue and lilac kittens may be expected. The birth is anticipated around April 17.

I expect this to be Divia's final litter before she is neutered and can move away, preferably with one of her kittens.


I am still so unhappy about losing Stella. On February 12, she underwent dental cleaning and HD X-rays. Everything was fine. However, when they were waking her up from anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest. They managed to revive her, so her heart was beating again, but she did not regain consciousness. She was admitted to the intensive care unit at KU Sund in an oxygen tent and closely monitored via a monitor. In the morning, the vet from KU Sund called and informed me that Stella had suffered severe brain damage due to lack of oxygen. The theory is that she lacked oxygen, causing her heart to stop; when her heart was restarted, she was already severely brain-damaged. I drove to KU Sund and said goodbye to her. I buried my nose in her fur and told her that I loved her and what a wonderful cat she was. On February 13 - on my birthday - my beloved Stella was euthanized. The grief and longing sit within me.


On the exhibition front, CatsbyLove's Tortie Gina has received her first certificate, and hopefully, she will get the next two at the Racekattens exhibition on April 20 and 21 in Knabstruphallen in Mørkøv - feel free to come and have a look; there are many beautiful cats.


CatsbyLove Lilac Rosa has received her 3rd certificate and is now a Champion. She received great descriptions with high praise for eye shape and color, crispy fur, and muscle tone. She was scanned HCM-free in January and received an HD-free certificate in February. She has had the hormonal chip removed, so now we are waiting for her heat to return. Then she will also be paired with Rangi. Lilac kittens may be expected. I hope that in one of Rangi's litters, there is a lilac girl with exhibition potential.


I prioritize that there is either a cat in the home already or that you get 2 littermates. Therefore, there is always a discount of 1000 DKK on the second kitten and subsequent kittens from my cattery.


If you want to be on the waiting list for a kitten or two, please send an email to or a text message to 21284246 - write a little about your preferences and what you can offer a cat.


If at a later time you no longer wish to be on the waiting list, I would appreciate being informed. A text message is fine.


Best regards,