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In the following, I try to keep visitors updated on news etc. from my little cattery.

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On April 15, Divia gave birth to three kittens by cesarean section: two blue females and one lilac male. The kittens were born two days early—on day 61—so they were small. Fortunately, Divia accepted the kittens immediately, and despite the circumstances, she took to them right away. For the first couple of days, they were supplemented with feedings every 2 hours, but after that, Divia managed on her own. The kittens are thriving and growing as they should. All three kittens are reserved.


I prioritize that there is either a cat in the home already or that you get 2 littermates. Therefore, there is always a discount of 1000 DKK on the second kitten and subsequent kittens from my cattery.


If you want to be on the waiting list for a kitten or two, please send an email to or a text message to 21284246 - write a little about your preferences and what you can offer a cat.


If at a later time you no longer wish to be on the waiting list, I would appreciate being informed. A text message is fine.


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