CatsbyLove - approved cattery with British Shorthair

DK CatsbyLove is a small and loving home breeding of breed-typical pedigree (FIFe) British Shorthair cats of healthy lines with good temperament.

I work with solid colors - black, blue and purple  and blue cream (girls).

News from the Cattery...

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News from the Cattery -

When you are buying from me

When you are allowed to buy a kitten from Katteri DK Catsbylove, you get a kitten that is the offspring of 2 very good breed-typical, breeding-approved British Shorthair parents. I only have fertile females in my cattery and therefore buy for matings from owners of approved breeding male cats. That way I can select the right male for the female cat.

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Get well started ...

When the kitten arrives at it's new home, it is a very big upheaval for it.
It leaves the safe base of its mother, its siblings, its aunts and uncle, and its familiar environment with the smells and sounds it knows. It needs a little help...

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CatsbyLove's female cats

There are currently four fertile female cats in the cattery; Goldenbear's Divia Das, CatsbyLove's Lilac Rosa, Catsbylove Tortie Mona and DK Catsbylove Tortie Gina.

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