About CatsbyLove

I breed British Shorthair under the stock name DK CatsbyLove.
Breeding has always interested me, and I have previously raised horses and purebred chickens. My cattery is vet approved, and I took the breeder training in '17. My cattery was approved by Racekatten in April 2024.

I have a good network of other serious cat breeders with whom I spar.

The cats are of course vaccinated annually, have an annual health check, and are wormed if necessary after a stool test. They are scanned annually for HCM at KUSund, and are tested for PKD. I expect the same from the male cats I use for my female cats.

My female cats are my pets and the kittens are socialized to be the same.

There are currently 3 fertile female cats in the cattery; Goldenbear's Divia Das, CatsbyLove's Lilac Rosa and CatdeLuxe BoraBora (Stella).
On the way are DK Catsbylove Tortie Mona and DK Catsbylove Tortie Gina.

We live partly in our year-round holiday home on Læsø, where the cats, in addition to being an integral part of the family, also have their own cat room with access to an enclosed cat yard of 500 m2

We also have an apartment in Copenhagen Ø, so here reserved kittens can be visited by appointment.

Love, Hanne

Uddannet opdrætter

Jeg vil som uddannet Felis Danica opdrætter naturligvis altid være behjælpelig og vejledende i spørgsmål, der vedrører en CatsbyLove kats sundhed - herunder råfodring.

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Ved kontakt...

Da jeg er hørehandicappet, hører jeg ikke så godt i telefon, men er dog stadig nem at komme i kontakt med - enten via SMS (21 28 42 46), på Messenger via Facebook eller via mail.