When you buy from me...

I breed British Shorthair under the stock name
DK CatsbyLove.
Breeding has always interested me, and I have previously raised horses and purebred chickens.
My cattery is vet approved, and I took the breeder training in '17.

What does a kitten cost and what is included...

A pet-quality kitten costs 8,000 DKK. It is neutralzed (at the buyer's expense, at a favorable price - 900 DKK for a male and 1,100 DKK for a female kitten) before leaving home. The kittens are ready to move out at 16 weeks old. At that point, they have undergone a health check, been microchipped (including registration with the Danish Cat Registry), and completed their vaccinations (8-12-16 weeks).

I am happy to share my experience regarding the decision to let the kittens be 16 weeks old before they move to their new homes. They come with a blanket that carries the scent of "home," toys, and a packed meal. The kittens are socialized with other cats, dogs, children, and adults, as well as common household noises.

The latest behavioral studies show that cats benefit greatly from being together with a conspecific; they groom each other, engage in mutual hygiene, play together, sleep together, and communicate in cat language - a language that we humans cannot replace. Therefore, I have decided to only sell kittens to homes where there is either already a cat/kitten or as two litter siblings. Consequently, I also offer a discount of 1,000 DKK on the second kitten.

All kittens are insured with Agria Always Healthy and Life, and the insurance must accompany the cat until it is at least 2 years and 4 months old.

Feeding and well-being

The kittens have been used to being outside in a large cat pen, and I would like the kitten to be able to go out in the new home - either on the balcony, in the cat pen or in a cat-proof garden. The kittens are not sold for free range.

The cat is a predator, so here the cats are fed with raw complete food made in the same distribution as the small rodents, which are cats' natural food. It is 80% muscle meat/fat, 10% small bones/cartilage and 10% offal. Besides that, they eat feeder mice and thawed day-old chicks. There are several manufacturers of raw complete food for cats, so you don't have to make it yourself.
I am of course happy to provide detailed guidance; I have a lot of knowledge in the field and have been feeding raw since 2012.

As a trained Felis Danica breeder, I will of course always be helpful and guiding in matters relating to the health of a CatsbyLove cat - including raw feeding.

The fine print...

A reservation contract is sent.
The reservation fee is DKK 3,000, which is transferred to an account in Danske Bank (account number or mobile pay - provided when booking).
Once the amount has been transferred, the kitten is reserved.
In the event of the buyer's cancellation, the reservation fee will not be refunded. If the kitten cannot be delivered, the fee will of course be refunded.
The remaining amount + neutralization is paid when the kitten is handed over.

The contract (ordinary standard) on the kitten is signed by the buyer and seller at the time of transfer.

With best regards
Hanne Andersson
Reg. cattery Catsbylove

Pictures and videos of the kitten can be sent continuously, so you can follow the development of the litter.
You are of course also welcome to visit your kitten by prior arrangement