When buying British Shorthair cats from me...

CatsbyLove's general terms

When buying a kitten from DK Catsbylove, you get a kitten bred from two really good race-type breeding-approved British Shorthair parents.

Health and temperament are of course top notch. Both parents are HCM tested annually at KU Sund.

Kittens are sold with Felis Danica pedigree, 1/2 year free membership of Jyrak, and 1/2 year free membership of British Shorthair special club and 1/2 year Agria Always sick and life insurance, which is expected to be continued by new owner, at least until the kitten is 2.3 years.

If you want a kitten for breeding, special requirements are made for future owners: that, if you are not already a breeder, you accept to become breeder under FIFe with the surname and breeder's education.

If the kitten is bought for cuttle, it is sold with a closed pedigree and it will be neutralized prior to leaving home.

The kittens are ready to move away from home when they are 14 weeks old. They are then the health checked, chipped, proper vaccinated and have been dewormed.

They will bring their own carpet smelling of "home", toys and lunch box. The cat is a predator, so here the cats are fed exclusively with raw food (yellow mush), thawed day-old chicks, chicken throats and chicken hearts.

The kittens are socialized to other cats, dogs, children and adults, and ordinary household noise.

As a graduated Felis Danica breeder, I of course always will be helpful and coaching in matters relating to a CatsbyLove cat's health - including raw feed.

A kitten for cuttle costs DKK 6,000 + neutralization. Typically, a breeding cat costs twice as much as a pet cat.

We are very pleased when two kittens come together, as they have great pleasure from each other. Therefore, we give a discount of No. 2 kitten. This discount is given on all subsequent kittens - purchased from Catsbylove. We often see that one cat is followed by more...

Reservation contract is sent.

Reservation fee is DKK 2,500, the amount is to be transferred to my account in Danske Bank (account number or mobile payday - disclosed when booking).

Once the amount is transferred, the kitten is reserved.

In the event of a buyer's possible cancellation, the booking fee will not be refunded. If the kitten dies or has to be put down, the fee will of course be paid back.

The remaining amount + neutralization (male is about DKK 700, female is about DKK 1,000) is paid when the kitten is transferred.

The contract (standard) of the kitten is signed by the buyer and the seller upon the transfer.

Pictures and videos of the kitten can be sent continuously so that you can follow the development of the litter.

You are of course also welcome to visit your kitten by appointment