Get started with the kitten in it's new home

❤️-congrats on your kitten from cattery CatsbyLove...

When the kitten arrives at her new home, it is a very big change for her. It leaves the secure base with its mother, siblings, aunts and uncles, and its familiar environment with the scents and sounds it knows. It needs a little help ...

First thing to do on its arrival, is to put her in the litter box and show her where there is food and water. Also show the kitten where it should sleep - preferably with the rug that smells of "home".

Understandably - it is quite natural - the kitten can seem frightened - it is all stittery, and it will hide. It can also hiss and splutter. It does not know that you only want whats best for it, so it defends itself. So let it come out by itself, try not to pull it out.

Sit quietly on the floor and let it come ... call kittykitty and its name ... try to make it curious with the turtle, roll the ball, put the pillow with catnip it has from here ... Through play and treats it wil gradually get used to its new home.

- Keep completely calm and quiet and take your time ... - be patient ...

- Allow any other pets in the house to be in the room, but keep them from being "on" the kitten. Make sure it has escape routes and doesn't get cornered ... give it a "Secure Base" - a place where it can pour.

The kitten is socialized and accustomed to ordinary family sounds, vacuum cleaners, children and adults, other cats, and dogs, but that doesn't mean that she instantly trusts your family, cats, dogs, smells and sounds. But it will gradually, so give it time. Someone lives a week under the couch and only sneaks out at night. Others come right away - both are quite normal.

Pet time is always on the kitten's / cat's premises. Very few kittens / cats enjoy to be carried around. But do continue practicing lifting the kitten and carrying it, tidy its eyes / ears. Keep the kitten close to the skin of the face, rub and nuzzle on the side of its head. This is how cats fondle each other.

Nuzzle time is best when the kitten has been playing, and just before she goes to sleep. At that tiem frame it is the most motivated for nuzzling.

Wait to take the kitten outside until you feel it is safe and at ease with you and the home.

Accept that it would like to investigate the environment - show it how it enters the house again.

Until the kitten is safe in the outdoor environment, you must go out and play with toys with it - offer treats. You can rattle with the bag and offer, so it learns to get by that sound. You can teach the kitten different small tricks - "sit" - "give me five" - ​​"apport" - "tire" - "roll" etc ..

The more such games are played with the kitten / cat, the closer it connects, and the longer it stays fresh and youthful ...

I wish you and the family all the best of luck with the new family member - and of course I like to hear from you on how the kitten develops.