CatsbyLove - approved cattery with British Shorthair

CatsbyLove is a small cattery of full-color, race-type pedigree (FIFe) British Shorthair cats - bred with love

British Shorthair was an obvious choice

I am a relatively new breeder under my cattery name CatsbyLove. But not new in breeding as such. I have many years of experience breeding horses and still breed hens as well. My cattery is approved and I took the breeder education in 2017.

I participate in the mentoring scheme. This allows me to be able to call on two very experienced cat breeders, I can ask about anything in these matters. In addition, I have a network of other serious cat breeders.

The cats are, of course, vaccinated annually, if necessary, after the bowel test (for resistance development). They are scanned annually for HCM at KUSund, and tested for FIV / FeLV before mating. I expect the same of the male.

The cattery is home to two fertile female cats - Wikis Ida (after Leo), and Vilma of Royal Candy Cats - a Russian import, co-owned from '17 - Feb. ‘19 with Wikis, but now owned solely by myself.

I live on the island of Læsø in the north of Jutland in our all year holiday home in a forest, and the cats are of course in the house as a natural part of the family, and in addition they have their own cat room with access to a closed cat yard of 500 sq. meters. We are also based in an apartment near the town Køge south of Copenhagen, so reserved kittens can be visited here by appointment.

Waiting list

Join here if you are interested in a kitten from CatsbyLove. I will contact you when a new litter is on its way.