Apiatif's Tortie Elva

Apiatif's Elva loves to play with our granddaughter and the cart

Apiatif's Tortie Elva

Apiatif's tortie Elva was born November 22, 2018. It has long been my wish to get a blue cream in my breeding, and I was fortunate to be allowed to buy Elva from Pia Kjeldgaard.

Elva is a truly beautiful kitten. Her basic color is blue, but she has the color cream distributed throughout her body. The formation of the color won't be final until she is about one year. Besides that Elva is a beautiful cat with very short and close coat, she has the most beautiful temperament. She is one of those British who can't get close enough, and she never gets tired of being cuddled. She spins high and stops, so her body language tells you that you can continue.

The favorite spot is in the foot end of the bed, where she is close up of the legs; she moves along with you when you turn over during the night. She loves to ride the puppy cart when the granddaughter is visiting, and then she loves to watch TV.

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